We supply and install your solar energy system, then switch you into our awesome market-rate electricity billing plan. 

With us you get the best possible return on your solar investment, period.

Solar Installation Process

Choose Your Solar Package

Choose the right package based off of your budget, consumption and goals.

Get Market-Rate Electricity

Make us your energy retailer so you can take advantage of market-rate energy prices.

Fine Tune Your System

Adjust your system to buy and sell your energy based on market pricing trends.

Enjoy Free Energy

Sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that you are now powering your premises with free energy.

Why Choose Ecosmart?

   Power Retailer

We are a power retailer specializing in green energy.  Our goal is to make you self-sufficient.

   Battery Systems

We have very affordable battery systems which enable you to store and use all of your own produced energy.

   Market Energy

Sell your surplus energy during the day at a high rate. Then (if needed) recharge your batteries during off-peak hours.

Better Quality  

We source the highest quality products, from the best manufacturers around the world, ensuring your installation stands the test of time.

Great Warranty  

Our installations and products have extensive warranties which are backed by both ourselves and the manufacturers we source from.

Real Savings   

Combining your solar system with our wholesale energy plans enables you to really maximise your savings.

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Our Solar Parners

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About Us

We are an electricity retailer and solar installation company.

By combining wholesale energy with solar, we make people self-sufficient while still being connected to the grid.


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