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Wholesale Electricity

SMART Electricity

With our wholesale electricity billing plan we pass on all the charges directly from the electricity industry to you with no markup.  We only only add a very small fee to manage it for you.

Take full control of your power spend:

  •  Buy your energy off peak when it is cheap and sell it back when it is expensive. 
  • Take advantage of different "time of use" billing rates from your electricity network.  e.g. Recharge your battery bank when the power is cheap off peak.

The electricity market is like a real-time share market.  The price of energy changes every 30 minutes.  With us you buy and sell at the price for the 30-minute period in which you use your electricity.  Since there is a higher demand for electricity during the day on weekdays, the price is generally higher than it is at night or on the weekends.  So when you have solar on our electricity plan, you will generally sell your surplus energy for more than you purchase it for.  This helps to offset the other charges like network, metering etc

With our wholesale energy plan your ROI from installing solar is increased.

Breakdown of Charges


The network owns all the power lines, transformers etc that distrubute the generated electricity to your premises.  The network's charges comprise the biggest portion of your bill.  You can think of them like a courier service transporting your bought or sold electricity for you.  There are many networks around the country and each have their own charges that we pass directly on.


The buy or sell price of your electricity is dictated by the wholesale market (spot) price of power.  This price changes every 30 minutes for your location.  The wholesale electricity market is used by generators to sell their energy to retailers, who then sell the energy onto their customers. 


Your electricity meter is owned by a metering company.  They charge a fee to collect and send us your electricity usage so we can submit this to the industry and also generate your monthly invoice.


We as your retailer charge a small fee to collect all of your usage information, submit it to the industry and pay all the various entity charges for you.  The fee amount differs depending on whether you are a high or low user.  We only add a margin to imported electricity and not anything you sell to the grid.

Note: There is also a charge from the Electricity Authority.  It is very slight and not worth mentioning above.


These are the pricing plan options for the portion of your electricity bill that is charged by us.  All other charges are passed directly on.  Prices exclude GST.

Standard User

2c/Imported Unit

  • Best for customers who consume more than 600units per month
  • 2c per unit on imported energy only
  • 50c per day fixed charge from us
  • All other charges passed directly on
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Example Invoice

This is an actual invoice from a customer of ours who is on a network time-of-use billing plan.  This customer has solar installed without batteries.

You can see the various charges:

  • Different network rates for the time the energy was consumed.
  • The difference in the market price for purchased and sold electricity.
  • Our retailer charges.
  • Metering and network fixed charges.

We break all of our invoices down like this so you know exactly what your bill is comprised of.

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Common Questions

Do I have to pay a joining fee?

We do not charge a joining fee and you can switch out from us at any time without penalty.

Am I a standard or low user?
What are 'peak' and 'off peak' rates?

About Us

We are an electricity retailer and solar installation company.

By combining wholesale energy with solar, we make people self-sufficient while still being connected to the grid.

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