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Heating is usually the biggest expense for any premise.  Check out these efficient heating solutions.

Ecosmart Heat Pump Cylinder

Ecosmart HPC Series

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Ecosmart HPC (Heat Pump Cylinder)

Heating hot water is one of the biggest consumers of electricity for any household.  So we've come up with a solution to reduce that portion of your bill significantly.

This beautifully designed and environmentally friendly unit will slash your hot water bill by upto 75%!

If considered like a battery, the Ecosmart HPC gives you back about 4 units of electricity for every 1 unit you put into it.  Making it the most efficient method of energy storage possible and the perfect compliment to your solar.

Available in both 200L and 270L models.

Technical Specifications

Storage (Litres) 200L 270L
Heat Output (kw) 3.6kw 3.6kw
Power Input (kw) 0.94kw 0.94kw
 COP of Heating  3.82 3.82
 Water Temp Setting 60°C  60°C
 Maximum Tank Setting 60°C   60°C
 Compressor  25.3cc  25.3cc
 Refrigerant R134a  R134a
 Electrical Supply  220-240V/50Hz/1Ph  220-240V/50Hz/1Ph
 Circuit 13 Amps 13 Amps
 Water Connections  3/4"BSP - 20mm   3/4"BSP - 20mm
PTR Valve Setting 850kP  850kPa
Operating Sound Level at 1.5m 48db(A) 48db(A)
 Dimensions (Height x Diameter)  1675mm x Ø640mm  19555mm x Ø640mm
 Nett (Empty) Weight  116kg  129kg
 Ambient Air Operating Temperature  -5°C to +43°C  -5°C to +43°C
Testing at ambient temp: 20/15°C and water heat from 15°C to 55°C 

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