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Janine M, Raglan

Janine had her solar installed by us and we are also his electricity supplier.

She is doing quite well considering she doesn't have batteries.

Solar Setup


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SolaX X1 Boost 5.0kw

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5.2kw Poly

20x Suntellite P260

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Actual Power Bills

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The graph will automatically update every month.  So feel free to check back to find out!

Success Story

Ecosmart put in a 5.2 kw system into our Raglan property last July 2018. They did a great job and the system is working wonderful. I'm even getting some money back during the summer months.

They also supplied timers that I can set either on a schedule or manually from my phone so my spa and hotwater heater work when the sun shine even if i'm not home.

Janine M Raglan

About Us

We are an electricity retailer and solar installation company.

By combining wholesale energy with solar, we make people self-sufficient while still being connected to the grid.

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