Ecosmart AC Battery Coupler

Ecosmart AC Coupler Good

Indroducing the all new Ecosmart AC Coupler.

This device allows you to store your surplus energy for later use

How it works:

1.  The Ecosmart AC Coupler monitors your AC load.  When it senses that you are generating more energy than you are using, it diverts the surplus energy and stores it into the battery bank.
2.  When the system notices that you are consuming energy and there is not enough being generated to cover it (e.g. at night), the AC Coupler pulls stored energy out of the batteries instead of importing it from the grid.


  • The Ecosmart AC Coupler is suitable for anyone who has, or is getting, a grid-tied electricity generation system such as solar, wind etc and wants to add battery storage. 
  • The unit can also be used without a generation system to store energy off peak to use later when the electricity is more expensive.

AC Power

The Ecosmart AC Coupler has a max output of 3kw.  If necessary, you can combine multiple units to achieve higher outputs.

UPS Function

The AC Coupler has an integrated UPS (uninteruptable power supply) function to protect certain devices such as computers etc in the case of a power cut.

Multi Phase | Multiple Devices

You can combine our AC Couplers to increase your charge/discharge rate.  You can also put a device per phase on multi-phase applications.


Our AC Couplers come with a 10-year replacement warranty.

App Monitoring

The AC Coupler comes complete with a cloud based app where you can view your premises from anywhere with internet connectivinty on any computer, iPhone or Android device.


Ac Battery App



We supply high quality lead-carbon (pb-C) batteries and stands with our AC Couplers.

For this model we can supply with either 9.6kwh or 19.2kwh of battery storage capacity.


Expected Lifespan

 Depth of Discharge  80% 60% 40% 20%

 Expected Lifespan @ 1 cycle per day (years)

 8.8 11.8 17.3 30.7
 Cyclic Lifespan  3200 4300 6300 11200

battery cycle life graph

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